God’s Rest

He who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His (Hebrews 4:10).
Most people’s favorite season is summer.  That is when most of us take vacation.  There are more outdoor activities to enjoy as compared to the winter months.  For most of us, the pace of life slows down, and we can relax a little.
In a little over a month, however, that will change.  School will start up.  Summer businesses will shut down until next year.  Opportunities to take vacations will be fewer.  The weather will soon turn cooler.  The relaxing, care-free days of summer will be over.  It is time to get back to school or back to work.
Right after Adam and Eve sinned, God cursed the ground.  He told Adam, “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground.”  Our yearly summer vacations do not last.  Vacations have to end.  You eventually have to get back to work, and even if you enjoy what you do, there are those moments that it becomes drudgery.  
God has promised that one day He will end this yearly cycle.  He has promised a “rest” for His people.  Jesus, by being a curse for us (Galatians 3:13) has won forgiveness for our sins.  One of the benefits of that forgiveness is that all of the other curses that come with our sins will one day be taken away.  
Imagine the best summer of your life.  It cannot compare to the eternal summer, the eternal rest, that God has planned for you.  

In Christ,
Pastor Klein




A Day To Be Remembered!

What has been the most IMPORTANT event in your life---a day to be remembered and treasured??? Most of us don’t even remember this day; the day we became a member of God’s Kingdom, THE DAY OF OUR BAPTISM!!

In an effort to help Trinity members reflect and “remember,” the Trinity Mission Board is honoring the baptismal birthdays of our members. On the last Sunday of each month, members, young and old, who were baptized during that month can sit together, enjoy a treat and, perhaps, share stories during the fellowship hour.

We do have the dates of baptism for most of our members; but, if we missed yours, please let us know so we don’t miss it again. Any questions and/or dates, please contact the church office: 645-4438.


Arise and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Acts 2:16

Baptism doth also now save us. I Peter 3:

August Baptisms
Barb Barlau                Kathryn Beckstrom        Gloria Dubbels
Anna Edwards                Elsie Forsythe            John Greenfield
Eli Hinz                                       Karl Huber            Nina Kauphusman
Janet Lotegeluaki            Glenn Menear            Kelly Menear
David Ohmann                Robert Quam            Neal Rado
Rachel Scheffler                Corri Schmidtke            Ryan Schmidtke
Maddox Schwaab            Don Sward            Deb Thomforde
Karl Thomforde                Marla Thomforde        Jordan Volkert




After service on Sunday, August 27th, there will be a reception in our Fellowship Hall to celebrate these Baptism Birthdays!

We hope to see you there!!


Joyful Response Pew Cards                                                                                                             
What are they? Cards that Trinity online giving participants can use to place in the offering basket if they wish.  (These cards do not affect the counters in recording gifts on a Sunday)  The cards are reusable.
How does online giving work?  Members sign up for Joyful Response online giving, a FREE service through LCEF (Lutheran Church Extension Fund).  A designated amount is withdrawn from the participant’s bank account to be deposited directly to Trinity as directed by the participant.  These gifts are acknowledged via email and properly entered in the church computer.  It is a flexible and secure program.  If you are interested in considering this method of offering your gifts to the Lord for Trinity, please see a member of the Board of Stewardship, David Greenfield, or Judy Boehme.  Forms are available and it is easy to set up.  

Trinity’s VBS, led by Camp Omega, will be July 31-Aug 4.  VBS will be from 9:00am-3:00pm for kindergarten thru 6th grades ($30/child) with a preschool session (free) in the mornings until 11:00am.  Sign up sheets are on Trinity’s website or you can get a paper copy on the youth bulletin board.

Come To Trinity’s National Night Out Party
You are invited and encouraged to attend our Second Annual National Night Out Party in the church parking lot on Tuesday, August 1st, from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., rain or shine.  This year promises to be even better than last year with the addition of a car show!  There will also be food, games, and activities for all ages, music, a bouncy house, special gifts, and lots of great conversations.  We have invited the surrounding neighborhood and the Northfield police and firefighters to join us for a fun evening, and you’re welcome to invite your family, friends, and neighbors!  Here’s how you can be an important part of this event:
Pray for God’s blessings, including great weather and a big turnout
Volunteer to help either before, during, or after the party
Attend the party, have fun, and be a good host to our guests
Many thanks to the hardworking members of this year’s National Night Out Party Committee: Pastors Klein and Boehme, Kurt Anderson, Terri Casmey, Holly Ciffra, and Audry Hovland. If you have any questions or can help, please call either DCE Jackie (645-4438) or Barb Anderson (507-581-1642).

1st Friday Game Night
Card games, board games, video games!  We will have them all.  Come at 7:00pm on the first Fridays of the month for any type of game you want to play!  Open to all ages.  Snacks and beverages will be served.  This month’s game night will be August 4th.

Book Club
Book club will meet through summer on the 1st Mondays of the month at 9:00am at Kilhdal Park Point.  Come for a lively discussion and fellowship!  Talk to DCE Jackie or Becky DeMann to find out the book we are currently reading.

Church Pool Party
The annual Northfield churches pool party is set for August 9 at Northfield Memorial Pool.  5-8 PM.  $3.00 per person or pool pass.  Knights of Columbus will serve food.  All are invited to come.  Hope to see you there!

Valley Fair Day                                                                                                                                                               DCE Jackie will be taking the youth to Valley Fair on Thursday, Aug. 10.  Let her know if you’d like to go!

New Greeting Cards                                                                                                                                                      There are a set of handmade greeting cards for sale sitting next to the card display.  These cards are $3 each and proceeds go towards helping women get out of sex trafficking.  If you have any questions about this, talk to Sheldon Volkert or DCE Jackie.

Trinity Lutheran Church
June 1, 2017
Council Meeting Minutes

Vice President Bobbi Schmidtke called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

Pastor Klein opened with Prayer.

Approval of May Council Meeting Minutes; The May Council Minutes were accepted with an amendment to old business, request for funds. The request was for up to $200.00 which was not needed, there was a motion to accept minutes as amended, seconded; carried.

Financial Statement: David reported that May started good, but fell short at the end of the month. A motion to approve financial statement was seconded; carried.

Financial Secretary:

Old Business: Requests for funds: There were no request for funds.

Website statistics: The website continues to get more hits.

New Business: Voters' Meeting will be July 30, 2017at 10:45 a.m.

Pastor’s Report:

In need of volunteers to help with Habitat for Humanity work day in Dundas.

Lamp currently has $2959.17 in their account. They need $350.00 for airfare for each participant. They will be using the bulletin board in the Fellowship hall to list supplies they would like for people to donated.  We have reached our contractual agreement with Gail Ludvigson, Deaconess in the Dominican Republic.  Money designated to her in the special Missions envelopes will continue to be sent.

The board decided to disperse funds to: Wagner Bible Translators- $700.00; Trinity First, Minneapolis- $250.00;  LCMS New Shalom- 250.00

We will be discussing ways of contributing to the CAC in addition to sending cash, such as Operation Backpack and Christmas Sharing.

The Mission Board dispersed $10,778.05 in 2016.

There are a few shingles that need to be replaced. A suggestion as to putting up signs directing new comers/delivery etc… on where to find the office.

Did not meet prior to Council.

Did not meet prior to Council meeting.

The Elder's were authorized to purchase Pastors/Elders. The Board will meet June 29, to start going over the book.

Audry will have a petting zoo, a bouncy house and a few other fun things on Father’s day weekend June 17. Audry has been working very hard at trying to enroll students for the Fall schoolyear.

A motion was made to adjourn the Meeting at 8: 37 p.m. motion seconded; carried.

We closed with Luther's Evening Prayer.

Doreen Ohmann, congregational Secretary


Board of Stewardship
June 2017 Minutes

The Board of Stewardship met on June 17, 2017, beginning at 12:30 p.m., with Todd Criswell, Ron Frauenshuh, and Barb Anderson in attendance.
The board considered options for a temporary directional sign for use on Sunday mornings and to advertise special events at church, and decided to explore using Memorial Fund money to buy a sandwich board style sign with an interchangeable message area. The board also decided to explore using Memorial Fund money for handicap door openers for the parking lot entrance.
The board noted four households are using the “Joyful Response” electronic giving (e-giving) program from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) for their regular giving to Trinity. The board agreed to encourage more members to (1) use this program, especially members who live out of state for large portions of the year, and (2) either visit the “Trinity Giving” tab on the church’s website or ask a board member for more information.
The board discussed the value of (1) designating a specific use for scrip card sales proceeds and (2) promoting the scrip card program, to encourage the congregation to regularly buy cards. The board considered future special projects such as sanctuary carpeting and parking lot resurfacing, and agreed to bring a recommendation to the council at the July meeting.
The board recommended the council give the remaining Phyllis Schmidt Memorial Fund money, totaling $1,130.00, to the preschool, as requested by the family.
The board reviewed and approved a proposed schedule for the 2018 budget development process, as follows:
August 3rd – Budget worksheets to boards
September 1st – Budgets due back to Stewardship Board and Treasurer
September 3rd – Stewardship emphasis/message during church
September 10th – Stewardship emphasis/message during church
September 17th – Stewardship/Rally Sunday (receipt of pledge cards)
October 5th – Boards and council receive first draft of budget for revision
October 15th – Budgets available for congregation to review                                                                                                     October 22nd – Budget review meeting at 4:00 for congregation questions
November 2nd – Council approves final recommended budget
November Voters Meeting (date TBD) – Voters approve 2018 budget
The board also agreed to meet with the other boards during their September meetings, if needed, to encourage them to complete their proposed budgets.
The board reviewed a draft 2018 pledge card, for final approval and printing in July.
The board reviewed information from the LCMS Minnesota South District about the “To All Generations” campaign, to raise funds for schools and early childhood centers (including preschools), and a first-fruits stewardship program named “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”). The board decided to bring to the July council meeting its recommendations about Trinity’s participation.
The board reviewed the March, April, and May Checking Account Summary and Budget Status reports, representing 41.7% of fiscal year 2017. The board noted that through May, Home Fund expenses were at 42.7% of the budget, Home Fund designated giving was at 37.8%, and Home Fund loose plate giving was at 69.5%. The board also noted the Home Fund deficit increased to $26,434, including the carryover deficits from 2015 and 2016.

Board of Stewardship
July 2017 Minutes

The Board of Stewardship met on June 29, 2017, beginning at 7:00 p.m., with Todd Criswell, Ron Frauenshuh, Barb Anderson, and Judy Boehme (Financial Secretary) in attendance.
The board continued to explore cost and message options for a temporary directional sign for use on Sunday mornings and to advertise special events at church, to be bought with Memorial Fund money.
The board decided to provide reusable, laminated pew cards for people who are using the Joyful Response e-giving program to place in the offering bags.
The board recommended the council designate sanctuary carpeting as the next project to be funded with scrip card proceeds, unless a higher-priority project arises.
The board considered a proposal to allow payments for fees and fundraisers to be made through PayPal, and raised questions to be discussed with the DCE and Treasurer.
The board recommended the council vote against participating in the LCMS Minnesota South District’s “To All Generations” campaign, due to the current Home Fund deficit.
The board approved the 2018 pledge card, and agreed to publish the 2018 budget development process schedule and a printable pledge card on the church website’s Board of Stewardship page. Consistent with its bylaws, the board decided to use the grace of proportionate giving as the stewardship campaign emphasis. The board also decided to include proportionate giving information in the July voters meeting packet and August newsletter in response to the growing Home Fund deficit.
The board approved a stewardship message for the August newsletter and a July fundraising calendar.
The June Checking Account Summary and Budget Status reports were not available because the July board meetings were held in June due to the Fourth of July holiday.

The following is a summary of the items the Stewardship Board has been working on the first six months of the year.
The Stewardship Board is continuing the “Stewardship Notes” messages that appear in the monthly newsletter.   It is the Board’s hope these notes help raise awareness of some different aspects of Stewardship.
The Board of Stewardship has started getting the word out on the new “e-giving” (electronic giving) program.  The new program allows Church members to give money to the Church by electronic fund transfer from the Church member’s bank.  The program is run by LCEF and it does not cost the Church any money to be a part of the program.  This program also allows for multiple schedule options for contributions.  The Board and Church Council have also approved reusable cards to be placed in the pews that can be put into the offering for those that have given electronically.  
The Board has started some new initiatives in the hopes of getting additional funding.  The “Amazon Smiles” program and “Heartfelt Giving” has been set up.  Both programs allow for the Church to receive a percentage of funds for online purchases made through the web sites.  
The Board has developed a receipt for in-kind gifts/donations made to the Church.  The receipt form is now available to those who are needing it.
The Board has continued coordinating and posting a fundraising calendar to help prevent multiple fundraisers from occurring at the same time.
The Board and Church Council have approved the proceeds from the Scrip program to be used for new Sanctuary carpeting.  At the current pace it will take several years to build up enough in the scrip fund to be able to fund the carpeting.  The Council also left open the option of using the Scrip proceeds for a different project if it is decided that it is more urgent.
The Board has approved a new pledge card design and has scheduled the Stewardship Sunday for September 17th.
The Board has approved a budget schedule for the 2018 budget process.  The congregational budget review meeting will be held October 22nd.
The Board is also considering offsite signs to advertise the Church and other potential uses for Memorial funds.  The Phyllis Schmidt memorial was designated to the Preschool at the family’s request.

Finally, the Board has been keeping a watchful eye on the home fund deficit.  The deficit has grown over $10,000 from this time last year.  Like last year, the Board would like all Church members to consider what they are able to give to the home fund.  The home fund pays for the Pastor and other Church staff, utilities, and Christian education expenses.  We have included a couple of charts that will help you identify what percentage of your income that you are currently giving to the Church.  The Board would like you to thoughtfully consider raising your gift by a percentage or two to help keep the Church funded at the current levels.  If we do not stop this downward trend now, more drastic cuts may need to happen.
If anyone has questions or thoughts on items the Stewardship Board have been working on, please contact one of the Board members.

Respectfully Submitted
Board of Stewardship

As was done last year, the following are proposed dates for the completion of the 2018 Church Budgets.  Please make every effort to make sure your budgets are completed in a timely manner so that the congregation has plenty of time to review the proposed budget.  May God bless Trinity and help us to complete our mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus by word and deed in our community and the world.
August – Budget worksheets to boards so they can begin planning.
September 1st – Budgets due back to Stewardship Board/Treasurer
September 17th - Stewardship/Rally Sunday (receipt of pledge cards)
October Council Meeting (5th)– Boards and Council get first draft of overall proposed budget
October 15th – Budgets available for congregation to review
October 22nd  (4:00pm) – Congregational review meeting to discuss the budget.
November Council Meeting (2nd)– Final revisions and approval of budget to voters.
November Voters Meeting (19th 4:00 pm)- Approval of 2018 Budget


 “I will bless you …, so that you will be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2). The Lord blessed Abraham so he would be a blessing by promising that from his seed would come the savior of the nations. Abraham believed that promise and trusted the Lord would do as He had promised. Everything Abraham did was colored by that promise. He willingly gave of himself and his household in service to the Lord in view of that promise.

Our Father in heaven has richly blessed us. Not only has He given us everything we need to support this body and life, He has also provided that promised seed in His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the savior of the nations. He is the redeemer of the world. He is the one who conquered sin, death, and the power of Satan by His death, resurrection, and ascension.

Just as we are richly blessed, we are also thereby freed to be a blessing. Since God has endowed us with His gifts, we are set free to endow others. Thus, we give of the blessings we have received so that others may be blessed. We do this in our homes, our communities, and our churches. We give the blessings God has lavished upon us in service to those around us. We use our time, our talents, and our treasures to be a blessing even as they have been a blessing to us.

Whenever you give an offering, donate your time to a charity, and help a friend or family member, remember the Lord has blessed you so that you will be a blessing.

Board of Missions Minutes
June 28th, 2017

Members present: Linda Frederick; Lynn Webber; Barb Greenfield; Elda Ann Frauenshuh, chairperson.
Elda Ann called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM, and opened with prayer.
Lynn reported what the Board has in each of its mission accounts.  
Kurt Anderson was invited to give the Board an update on the pre-school.  They had a “Fun Day” on June 17th.  They are now doing follow-up with people who expressed an interest.  They have a proposed teacher.  They need to check on the financial status.  They should be able to give a firm announcement by the first part of August.  They need a couple more students to reach the minimum of 6.  They can accommodate up to 12.
Kurt and Barb Anderson also shared their experience with Chai v’Shalom mission.  They attended a worship service there in St. Louis.  There is a Worship Folder from there on the Mission bulletin board in the hallway.
They also gave us an update on the National Night Out at Trinity.  Elda Ann will ask Kurt if they need any help from us.  
During 2016, we gave Wagners of LBT $1525.  There is a recent letter on our bulletin board.  Also, we gave Gail Ludvigson $500, making a total of $1000 for two years.
We discussed options other than a silent auction for a Mission fundraiser.
We need to set a time to ship our pill bottles.  We will open up to the congregation to help wash and prepare for shipping.  
We will ask Mary Vogt if there is a Sunday that AJ can attend so we can recognize his leaving for the National Guard.
Our next meeting will be August 1st at 9:00 AM.
The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.
Respectfully submitted, Barbara Greenfield


WORSHIP ASSISTANTS_____________________USHERS______________________________

6  Bryce Skaar                                            Group I: Dan Wett, Bryce Skaar, Bruce Young, Rudy Maurer

13  Barbara Greenfield                                  Group A: Milt Berg, Dave Downhour, Ray Larson,

                                                                                       Bob Quam, Winfield Johnson

20  John Pfeiffer                                          Group B: Jim Frederick, Jeff and Jeffrey Ciffra,

                                                                                       Jackie Ohmann, Tom Pumper, Sheldon Volkert

27  Tony Schmidtke                                     Group C: Larry Pralle, Kraig Niebuhr, Cliff Roberts,

                                                                                       Karl Thomforde, Fred Vivant


ALTAR GUILD                                                   COUNTERS ______

Darlene Finch, Becky Grieser                        Norm and Lynn Webber

Mary Vogt, Barb Greenfield                             Todd and Dana Criswell


NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLY - August 23, 2017                                                                                                                      June Volkert, Becky Grieser, Ella Halverson, Joanne Dohrmann, June Rado 


LAWN MOWING                                                                                                                                                                   July 31 - August 6  Larry Pralle                                                                                                                                          August 7 - 13  Dan Wett                                                                                                                                                August 14 - 20                                                                                                                                                                   August 21 - 27 Bruce Young                                                                                                                                               August 28 - Sept. 3  John Frederick




 Bible Study Opportunities

Available at Trinity

Sunday Morning— 10:30 am, Galatians   

Tuesday Evening—6:30pm, Jeremiah

Bible Study—Wednesday Evening - 6:30 pm  (Will resume in the fall)

Der Lutheraner—2nd & 4th Saturday, 7:30 am, Men’s Bible Study/Breakfast



August 2017  Readings

August 6 - The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 55:1-5; Romans 9:1-13; Matthew 14:13-21

August 13 - The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Job 38:4-18; Romans 10:5-17; Matthew 14:22-33

August 20 - The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 56:1, 6-8; Romans 11:1-2a, 13-15, 28-32; Matthew 15:21-28

August 27 - The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 51:1-6; Romans 11:33-12:8; Matthew 16:13-20









  August 2017  
Upcoming Events


Worship Service with Communion
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Pastor Boehme Office Hours
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


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