LAMP Team Blog
July 25, 2017, 12:56 PM

Update on LAMP Team Adventures


These last few days have been a whirlwind, but blessed.  We had a safe drive up to Sioux Lookout and had a beautiful flight out to Wunnumin Lake.  The flight was a little bumpy near the end of the trip, but the weather held up for us and we had clear skies nearly the whole way.  After the initial jitters, Bobbi and Tiffany had a good flight.  Jim even had the quote of the trip as he told Bobbi and Tiffany that we had to fly because, “the land is mostly water.”  Needless to say, he’s been a great sport about being the only guy on the trip. 

We were welcomed by Joey and Chief Rod at the airport who gave us a ride to the church, which is where we will be staying again this year.  We also ran into one of the little girl’s moms who came to Bible School last year.  Her mom remembered us and said Chavonne was super excited to come to Bible School again, as she cried when she wasn’t allowed to come to the airport to see us off last year. 

After having an easy clean up at the church, we made our way out armed with lollipops.  We ran into a few kids and those us that have been here before could not believe how big they had all gotten!  It’s amazing what one year does!  We also ran into Waylon the police officer, who remembered us and even came by to give us a ride to the dump so that Tiffany and Bobbi could see the bears for the first time.  We even got to see a couple of wolves and three baby cubs. 

On Sunday, we planned for Sunday School and went to church in the morning and afternoon.  Joel, the pastor who cannot speak English, had Joey translate a beautiful commentary about us where he thanked us for traveling here and serving in their community.  He even had us come up in front of the congregation and introduce ourselves.  Though the service was only in Oji-Cree, both Bobbi and Tiffany commented on how powerful the sermon felt.  Those of us that have come here before are happy that they share the same feeling we do: God has touched this place.  We wish we could put it into words, but there is truly something special about this place and the people who live here. 

After the morning service, we finished prepping for Sunday School and it wasn’t long before the kids started showing up… over an hour early.  We let them in, and we broke out one of their new favorite things we do here: the perler beads!  Sunday School, as always, was not super busy with only thirteen, but we still had a great time!  We decided to do the story of Moses’ birth, so we could lead into the week.  The kids LOVED having the story acted out for them.  They couldn’t stop laughing as Jim played both Pharaoh and the princess.  Tiffany was baby Moses, and Katie played Moses’ sister and carried her into a tote (which was our basket for the day).  The kids were amazed by Tiffany’s braces, Janine even kept trying to touch them!  The kids also loved Bobbi’s name and were convinced that they were pronouncing it differently.  Karen is still “Katie’s mom”, but a few kids have started to finally call her Karen.  Sunday School ended at 2:30, as the afternoon service started at 3:00.  We told the kids that if they wanted, they could either go home or come up to church with us, and every single child that attended Sunday School came and sat with us at church. 

After church, Waylon stopped by again and invited us to a Pickerel Cookout the community was having.  We also went swimming at the Pumphouse Beach.  It was a little late, as we had been at the cookout, and also prepping for Monday, but we still found a few kids on our way who came to swim with us.  We blew up a beach ball and Leland thought it was hilarious if he kept throwing it out past the big rocks so that Katie had keep swimming to go get it.  Carmen also wanted to wash Katie’s hair again “because she loves the colors” in her hair.  Tiffany learned that there are leeches in the lake and has vowed to never go back in.  We’ll let you know if she lasts without a shower/bath 😊.

That wraps up our first few days here in Wunnumin Lake.  We thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 

We also have a few prayer requests, as there has been a series of hard times in the community recently.  First is Joey and his family, who lost Joey’s sister two weeks ago.  Second is Dean, a member of the congregation, and his family.  They lost a family member Saturday the 22nd.  Third is Jenosa, or Jen, who has been coming to Bible School for years.  She was in a 4-wheeler accident last week with a friend of hers.  They were both flown out to Sioux Lookout, but Jen was quickly transferred to the hospital in Thunder Bay.  We have not heard on her current condition, but we were told that it will be awhile before they will even think about releasing her. 


Bobbi, Tiffany, Jim, Karen, and Katie