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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


January-May 2014

January 8         Baptism, Part IV.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, What Does Such Baptizing With Water Signify? & Where Is This Written?  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 37 (B & D).


January 15       Confession.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, “What is Confession” and “What sins should we confess?”


January 22       The Office Of The Keys.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Office of the Keys (“What is the Office of the Keys?” and “Where is this written?”)  Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism, Lesson 38 (A, C, E).


January 29       The Office of the Public Ministry.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Office of the Keys (“What do you believe according to these words?).


February 5       Excommunication.  Assignments Due: Lesson 38 (B & E).


February 12     Contemporary Issues


February 19     Contemporary Issues


February 26     Contemporary Issues


March 5           Ash Wednesday


April 23           Contemporary Issues


April 30           Witness Service


May 3              Confirmation Rehearsal (10:30 a.m.)


May 4              Confirmation

2014 Confirmands
Witness Service
Adult Bible Study


Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:30am - Luke, 10:30am couples study during the school year only

Tuesday Night Bible Study: 7:00pm - Acts

Der Lutheraner: Men's Group: 7:30am the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Led by Rev. Klein. Breakfast followed by morning prayers and Bible study.




Sunday School is held each week from the week after Labor Day until the end of April on Sundays from 10:30am-11:30am.  We have classes for 3 years old through 12th grade.  but it's never too late to join!  You can get the registration page below.

Easter Sunday, April 20th, we will have an Easter Egg hunt between services and during breakfst at 8:45am.  Meet us in the chapel if you want to participate!  This is for all children 5th grade and younger.  Family and friends are encouraged to particpate. 

Join us for a celebration on Sunday, April 27th with special activities to mark the end of Sunday School for this school year.   


Sunday School Registration

It's never too late to join Sunday school! Come join us any Sunday.  We'll be happy to see you!

Click here to get the registration form for Sunday School.

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