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Saturday, July 30, 2016
Preschool Teacher Job Description


Preschool Teacher Job Description

The Little Lambs Preschool Teacher is responsible for the following:


Leading classroom instructional time

Preparing weekly lesson plans

Planning the daily schedule

Hold parent/teacher conferences at least twice per year and upon request by either the parent or the teacher.

Assess student skills

Keep and update student records

Prepare and distribute calendars to the families

Maintain classroom discipline

Supervise the teacher’s aide

Make home visits to each family before school, unless the family opts out

Hold open houses

Clean the classroom, office, and storage areas

Observe students as dictated by our license

Maintain contact with parents via monthly calendars, cell phone, letters, posted signs, and bulletin announcements

Conduct fire/tornado drills at least once per month

Arrange for special guests

Post on the Preschool Facebook page

Have the students sing/play hand bells at least six times per year.


Applicants need to be familiar with the beliefs of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or be willing to receive instruction in those beliefs

Pay is 75% of tuition, calculated monthly by the director

Checks are issued during the last week of the month by the congregational treasury

The teacher reports to the director

The contract runs for the school year which is from the second week of September to the middle of May.




January-May 2016



January 6         Sixth Commandment.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Sixth Commandment (with explanation).  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 6 (B, C, D).


January 13       Seventh Commandment.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Seventh Commandment (with explanation).  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 7.


January 20       Eighth Commandment.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Eighth Commandment (with explanation).  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 8.


January 27      Guest Speaker


February 3       Ninth and Tenth Commandments.  Assignments Due: Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Ninth Commandment (with explanation).  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 9.


February 10     Ash Wednesday


March 30         Church History.  Memorize Luther’s Catechism, The Tenth Commandment.  Exploring Luther’s Catechism, Lesson 10.


April 6             Church History


April 13           Church History


April 20           Church History


April 27           Witness Service


April 30           Confirmation Rehearsal


May 1              Confirmation


Pop quizzes will occasionally be given.


Adult Bible Study


Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:30am - John, led by Rev. Klein

Tuesday Night Bible Study: 6:30pm - Daniel, led by Rev. Klein

Wednesday Morning Women's Study - 10:00am in the youth room, starting 1/21 through the preschool year

Wednesday Night Study - 6:30pm in the fellowship hall.  Led by Rev. Boehme and they go over the readings for the coming Sunday. 

Der Lutheraner: Men's Group: 7:30am the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Led by Rev. Boehme. Breakfast followed by morning prayers and Bible study.




Sunday School is held each week from the week after Labor Day until the end of April on Sundays from 10:30am-11:30am.  We have classes for 3 years old through 12th grade.  but it's never too late to join!  You can get the registration page below.



Sunday School Registration

It's never too late to join Sunday school! Come join us any Sunday.  We'll be happy to see you!

Click here to get the registration form for Sunday School.

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